The Youtube series #DoNotTrack is an interactive series that displays important, sensitive, and impacting information on what happens in the internet without your consent. The information that the series shows us I believe is essential for everyone to notice it as enterprises are daily recording information we believe is private.

The first fact you should know is that as you access a web page there are third party participants who are recording the interaction you are having in this page. The information you are looking at is building a profile that advertising companies buy to later fill other websites with ads based on your likes and the things you access daily. So by this I tell you what you access in the internet is NOT private.

I want to ask you:

Do you know what are Cookies in the internet?

Every now and then you need to accept cookies to access a page and there is no option, but do you know what this is. Cookies are deposited in your computer initially to give you a better service in sites you visit regularly remembering what you have accessed before so you do not have to search every single time you access the webpage. The problem is that websites also have additional third party cookies that get access to your computer without your consent.

All of the interaction you make in the internet will leave a trace of yourself and everything from google searches to your facebook likes build a profile that is sold for profit. The information you search and like is very valuable for advertisers and even if you delete this information from your computer it is already recorded in the web.

All of this is just incredible and scary.

What can I do?

You might ask yourself. Well the sad part is that while you are using the internet there is not much to do. You need to be conscious of this to be careful in your actions in the internet as your online profile can affect you when searching for a job, and in different serious occasions.

It is just impressive to know that you are being tracked at all time and even your phone is constantly recording were you go and many other stuff. The social media is also invading your privacy and almost all the internet invades your privacy. I just think we should have precaution in what we do in the internet and use it for what is necessary not Β living our life narrating everything in the social media.

In the video bellow you can see how social media is invading our privacy:


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