Informatics 105 Course Reflexion

Through the course of Informatics 105 in “Universidad del Sagrado Corazon we have posted the following entrees in my blog in the following order:

Welcome to my Blog

About and Contact Pages

Experimenting with Media Tools

The Web

Must Do Surf Trip

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

Class Summary: Must learn Google Apps


Final Project: Bitcoin

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon Art GalleryΒ 

Informatics 105 Course Reflexion

For a total of 11 posts in the blog were we learned a wide variety of computer and informatics skills. My blog had a total of 105 views and 41 visits.

I can resume the informatics class as one of the most productive classes I had in the semester learning a lot of new things. The course could be divided in half , one which we learned about more practical stuff and the other we learned about privacy.

The first thing we learned in our informatics class was to create this blog. Creating a blog is a very useful tool you can utilize in the working environment to share articles, even to promote a business and many others. All of the students utilized WordPress to create their blogs. In WordPress we learned a wide variety of functions from attaching photos with proper citations, attaching videos, links and many others to our posts. I can just say that blogging is a very powerful tool if you learn how to use it.

We learned how to use different useful applications or pages in the internet such as all the utilities of Google (Google Docs, Drive, Slides, Maps…), RefWork and many others.

While, working in class works and in transition to working with privacy we worked in our Final Project, in my case on Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the innovator of a decentralized digital currency. The project is a huge part of our learning process in our class and hopefully we will continue learning in the presentations.

The second half of the class did not seem as interesting, which was on Privacy in the internet, but turned out to be very internet and important and also one of my favorite parts. We studied the case of privacy and facebook. We also discussed things such as “cookies”, and how marketing companies are accessing constantly the information you are accessing in the internet and recording a profile. In response to this we learned forms such as disconnectΒ and VPN (virtual private networks) to protect our privacy.

If I could change a small detail in class about one of the assignments would be visiting the Art Gallery. Even though it was a nice experience to visit the Art Gallery the people I interviewed in the Art Gallery suggested to have us all attend at the same time or something because they had to answer many time the same questions.

In conclusion I can say this was one of the most important classes were I learned very interesting, and important things I can utilize in my life such as: Blogging and my Privacy.


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