The Web

The web is a very complex system and tool, which facilitates users to gather, store, manage, and facilitate information, as well as to connect between users. The web is a system with incredible amount of possibilities in it, and is growing day to day.

In the last decade the web has advanced in an incredible way, it has turned out very accessible to almost everyone in the world and at the same time more user friendly. The increased accessibility of the web has created a strong dependance by the users who now a day feel like they cannot live without the web (Like my girlfriend).

I believe the web is a tool in life that may not be necessary but is essential in now a days life. I use the web daily as I enter different social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp…), gather and store information. The use of all the tools in the web is something that is essential in my life and more importantly the area of gathering information. Now a days you got the power to acquire almost any information you need through only a search, which is something I might say is an essential tool in life and even more in the life of a student. The web also gives you the ability of networking, which is a great tool in life to connect with people around the world.

My life without the web will definitely be way different. I have acquired lots of knowledge, and great contributions to my life thanks to the web. But, at the same time I would say I do not need to have the web to survive in life, and would not need it if my loved ones would all live close to me. I would consider that with the people I consider important would all live close to me I could live a native style life and be happy.

In conclusion, I believe that the web is an essential tool in life as it helps us connect with important people in our lives, as well as to gather, store, manage, and facilitate information.