Informatics 105 Course Reflexion

Through the course of Informatics 105 in “Universidad del Sagrado Corazon we have posted the following entrees in my blog in the following order:

Welcome to my Blog

About and Contact Pages

Experimenting with Media Tools

The Web

Must Do Surf Trip

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

Class Summary: Must learn Google Apps


Final Project: Bitcoin

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon Art Gallery 

Informatics 105 Course Reflexion

For a total of 11 posts in the blog were we learned a wide variety of computer and informatics skills. My blog had a total of 105 views and 41 visits.

I can resume the informatics class as one of the most productive classes I had in the semester learning a lot of new things. The course could be divided in half , one which we learned about more practical stuff and the other we learned about privacy.

The first thing we learned in our informatics class was to create this blog. Creating a blog is a very useful tool you can utilize in the working environment to share articles, even to promote a business and many others. All of the students utilized WordPress to create their blogs. In WordPress we learned a wide variety of functions from attaching photos with proper citations, attaching videos, links and many others to our posts. I can just say that blogging is a very powerful tool if you learn how to use it.

We learned how to use different useful applications or pages in the internet such as all the utilities of Google (Google Docs, Drive, Slides, Maps…), RefWork and many others.

While, working in class works and in transition to working with privacy we worked in our Final Project, in my case on Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the innovator of a decentralized digital currency. The project is a huge part of our learning process in our class and hopefully we will continue learning in the presentations.

The second half of the class did not seem as interesting, which was on Privacy in the internet, but turned out to be very internet and important and also one of my favorite parts. We studied the case of privacy and facebook. We also discussed things such as “cookies”, and how marketing companies are accessing constantly the information you are accessing in the internet and recording a profile. In response to this we learned forms such as disconnect and VPN (virtual private networks) to protect our privacy.

If I could change a small detail in class about one of the assignments would be visiting the Art Gallery. Even though it was a nice experience to visit the Art Gallery the people I interviewed in the Art Gallery suggested to have us all attend at the same time or something because they had to answer many time the same questions.

In conclusion I can say this was one of the most important classes were I learned very interesting, and important things I can utilize in my life such as: Blogging and my Privacy.

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon Art Gallery

Today, May 10th of 2018, I had the opportunity fo visit the Art Gallery at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Art Gallery at this point is displaying “Intervalos, confines y territorios” by Ivelisse Jiménez. The gallery will be exhibited in the Art Gallery of Universidad del Sagrado Corazon from April 12, 2018 to June 28, 2018. Ivelisse Jiménez will be presenting the Art Gallery the 23rd of June at 2:00 p.m. It will be open Tuesday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays 9:30 to 4:30 p.m.


The Art Gallery here at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon exhibits galleries from recognized Puerto Rican artists. The Art Gallery is an important aspect in the university as one of its missions is to sensitize the human being.


The gallery “Intervalos, confines y territorios” by Ivelisse Jiménez is a gallery of abstract art. The gallery shows evidences of the Hurricane Maria as it affected her gallery, but the inconvenient are utilized as part of the art.


While I visited the gallery I had the opportunity to interview Norma Vila Rivero who is one of the persons in charge of the gallery.

First Norma Vila Rivero described Ivelisse Jiménez. She described Ivelisse saying that she has a great sense of humor, and also is a very humble and honest person.

I asked Norma: Why should students attend the Art Gallery?

Norma responded: First, students must attend the Art Gallery if there are in the Art Appreciation Class offered in the university. It is also very important for all students to learn about the art and culture of Puerto Rico which is displayed through art in the gallery.

Question to Norma: Which is your favorite art piece from the gallery?

She responded: All of the art displayed is magnificent as Ivelisse Jiménez is a spectacular artist, but in particular she showed me one that brought a lot of attention to her because of its complexity.


Paintings are not identified by titles, but by numbers as she would like people to appreciate the pieces of abstract art for what they see, not for the title.

The last question in the interview I formulated to Norma Vila Romero was:

What does art means to you?

She responded that art means everything to her as she believes that art is present in everything in life art being the glue that sticks everything together.


Final Project: Bitcoin

In the Informatics 105 class in Universidad del Sagrado Corazon we have been working in a project on bitcoin. In the final project I worked with my classmate Joshua E. Perez and we will be presenting our project in class attached the presentation and article.




The Youtube series #DoNotTrack is an interactive series that displays important, sensitive, and impacting information on what happens in the internet without your consent. The information that the series shows us I believe is essential for everyone to notice it as enterprises are daily recording information we believe is private.

The first fact you should know is that as you access a web page there are third party participants who are recording the interaction you are having in this page. The information you are looking at is building a profile that advertising companies buy to later fill other websites with ads based on your likes and the things you access daily. So by this I tell you what you access in the internet is NOT private.

I want to ask you:

Do you know what are Cookies in the internet?

Every now and then you need to accept cookies to access a page and there is no option, but do you know what this is. Cookies are deposited in your computer initially to give you a better service in sites you visit regularly remembering what you have accessed before so you do not have to search every single time you access the webpage. The problem is that websites also have additional third party cookies that get access to your computer without your consent.

All of the interaction you make in the internet will leave a trace of yourself and everything from google searches to your facebook likes build a profile that is sold for profit. The information you search and like is very valuable for advertisers and even if you delete this information from your computer it is already recorded in the web.

All of this is just incredible and scary.

What can I do?

You might ask yourself. Well the sad part is that while you are using the internet there is not much to do. You need to be conscious of this to be careful in your actions in the internet as your online profile can affect you when searching for a job, and in different serious occasions.

It is just impressive to know that you are being tracked at all time and even your phone is constantly recording were you go and many other stuff. The social media is also invading your privacy and almost all the internet invades your privacy. I just think we should have precaution in what we do in the internet and use it for what is necessary not  living our life narrating everything in the social media.

In the video bellow you can see how social media is invading our privacy:

Class Summary: Must learn Google Apps 03/12/18

Google provides many awesome tools you can utilize in your productive life. Some of the most important apps you may want to learn how to use are google drive, google docs, google sheets, and google slides. These apps you get access instantly when you create an e-mail with google (gmail).

Google Drive

Google Drive is a type of cloud where you can archive all sort of document and pictures. Google gives you 15GB for free and if you want more storage space you must pay.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

These three apps can be used as a substitute of Microsoft office. Docs might be a substitute for Word, Sheets for Excel and Slides for Power Point. Google apps may not count with all of the tools that Microsoft office has. The advantage of Google is that being in the cloud it allows you to share the file and work in groups editing the document at the same time as others with access to the file, and chat with them.

Using Google Apps

It is really easy to access once you are logged in to your google account and in google you might want to go to your top right corner and find the menu below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.48.14 PM

Once you got this menu out you can access all your apps. For example you may want to access your Google Drive to save a picture, create a document, or access a document.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.51.56 PM

Here you can see an example of how your drive might look like when it is relatively empty. In the left hand corner you can access your different menus in the drive for example in this case I am in the shared with me section where I can see the classwork done on March, 12 2018 Informatics class. The professor created a document and shared it with us for us students to be able to collaborate at the same time in class.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.51.25 PM

Google apps are very easy to access and very useful. I believe everyone should learn to utilize them and even more if you are a student or work collaboratively with others.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin



     Cryptocurrency is the new type of currency that is emerging. Will this be currency of the future? Many may ask themselves. Projections are that cryptocurrencies will be utilized in the future instead of now a day’s currencies. This digitalized currencies are very interesting and can be used to buy, invest, and mine. Everyone should start to get informed about this because this might be the base of the future currency. There are many types of cryptocurrency but the most famous one and first one is the Bitcoin.


The bitcoin is the most famous and first cryptocurrency in the market. The bitcoin is also the most valued cryptocurrency in the market. The bitcoin could be categorized as the base of the cryptocurrency as in order to exchange in this market you first need to buy Bitcoins or fractions of bitcoins.
In the video and links below you can find a better explanation of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins.
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Must do Surf Trip

Rincon is a place that every surfer that visits Puerto Rico should go. This amazing city has a friendly environment for tourist to visit while it has some of the best waves. Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.38.52 PM

Here at you can rent an airbnb and find a cheap place to stay and enjoy an awesome stay in a great environment. You should plan to stay at least a weekend so you can enjoy different surf spots or even go to Aguadilla, another near by city, to surf. Once you arrive at the International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín, Rincón is 95.1 miles away, which will take you around 2 hours and 44 minutes to get there.

Below are the directions:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.55.10 PM

In Rincon there is a wide variety of surf spots you can visit along the cost line. Some of the most popular spots are Maria’s, Domes, Sandy Beach, Pools, Tres Palmas, between others. If you get to stay for a long time you might have time to explore more along the coast. As you can see in the map bellow there are spots all along the West Coast.


(Map Photo By Surf Zone Surf & Skate)

If you get to stay for 3 days and the waves are good you might want to plan your trip this way:

Day 1:

Maria’s Beach or Domes

Day 2:

Indicators, Dogman, or Pools

Day 3

At Aguadilla

Wilderness, Middles Surfers Beach, or Jobos

You may vary your schedule based on the swell size( you can check the swell at swellinfo) or your surfing experience. If you are more a big waves type surfer you can also mix in Tres Palmas at Rincón.

If you want to visit one of the most popular Puerto Rico newspapers you can visit El Nuevo Día.